Lovely little newborns!
So pure!
Photographing newborns is a delicate job. Your baby has to be in safe, warm and loving environment. That’s why I choose to photograph your little love at your own home.
When we are doing a shoot it’s good to think in front about what you want.

My specialism is lifestyle photography. That means the shoot will be very light and easygoing. Mostly I use natural light.
We can go at any location you want. At your house, in a field of flowers or an empty building. The choice is yours!
Best is to consider a location with not to many people, so you can feel relaxed.

My goal is to make the shoots light, relaxing and comfortable for everyone so I will really take my time.
When your baby is 0-14 days old, your little one is still ‘moldable’ and very sleepy. This is a good period for a shoot, but if you feel like doing it later, it is no problem at all.

A shoot will take 1- 4 hours.
You will get 20-30 digital photo’s in high resolution, each photo edited, within 2-3 weeks after the shoot.